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Changzhou Wecare Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Add.: No.9changyang Rd, Wujin Economic Development Zone, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province
Fax: +86-519-69692199
Contact Person: Nicole Deng

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Wecare is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research and development and manufacturing of surgical equipment for: rectal & intestine surgery, minimally invasive surgical operation equipment, pathological products and medical supplies. Located in the medical equipment manufacturing zone in China--Changzhou West Taihu Medical Industrial Park, our company is equipped with modern standard workshops and advanced manufacturing equipment which ensures the refined workmanship and premium quality of our products. Our rigorus quality control and sterilization measures create high quality, safe instruments and equipment.

These 100000 grade sterile workshops ensure the high sterilazation of our products and our professional production staff pursues excellence with their meticulous efforts. Moreover, the 10000 grade sterilization testing room is equipped with state-of the art inspection equipment and only those which pass all tests will be branded with the trademark of Wecare.

Currently, we have focused great attention on the recruitment of R&D talents. Now, over 80% of our staff are senior engineers and mechanics. Today, based on our advanced management, excellent manufacturing capacity as well as meticulous inspection processes, we have become a CE Mark certified enterprise that has gained the trust of all of our clients.

Wecare, is a trustworthy, expert source of High quality, safe surgery equipment and medical supplies.